In 1996 a small agency named Sceafa Media opened in a small single room in the small town of Assen in The Netherlands. In the following years the small agency grew and in the year 2000 it merged with two other small agencies under a new name: Fitz Communications, and opened office in the city of Groningen in the Netherlands.

In 2003, many new clients and cases later, the agency merged with another agency and continued operations under the name Octagos and opened a new branch in the North East Caribbean on the friendly island of St. Maarten.

By the year 2009 Octagos Media merged with the ArtAnts agency and decided to continue as a globally minded advertising agency and creative web studio by using a name that went back to the roots of the company. Thus Sceafa Studios was born.

Nowadays Sceafa Studios is a global operating advertising agency and creative (web) design studio, with headquarters based in the North East Caribbean. Sceafa Studios works for companies, organizations and governments. We are specialized in developing all sorts of creative solutions. From designing logos and corporate identities to creating websites and developing and launching advertising campaigns.

For over 20 years Sceafa Studios has been involved in many different creative cases all over the globe, on smaller and bigger scale. Always with the maximum amount of passion and love for our work.

To us it doesn’t matter if a client is just a one man operated company or a US capital 500 company. We take care of all our customers in the same respectful way. And most important: Always with the greatest amount of creativity!