After Irma Update

We are more than happy to inform You, that all of our team members are okay after the destructive visit of hurricane Irma. The Sceafa Studios headquarters did not survive, as our office was destroyed by the apocalyptic strength of hurricane Irma. Nonetheless we will continue our services and operations as soon as possible.

Most of our OOH (Out Of Home) locations are either badly damaged or destroyed by the forces of nature. Most of the signs we have installed over the past years have survived, which basically means, that our signs are hurricane-proof, and will survive even the strongest hurricanes on the planet, as Irma is labeled as the most powerful hurricane in the atlantic basin ever recorded.

The time of rebuilding and restoring our island has started now, and the next following weeks will be focused on restoring our office and our houses and helping others restoring their buildings and houses.


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