Ever since the mid 90’s, Sceafa Studios is involved in creating websites and online or interactive media for companies and organizations all over the world. We consider ourselves to be specialists in creating websites and online media that fit the needs of our customers. We are also specialized in solving complicated online business situations by creating proper solutions.


Sceafa Studios offers customers online services in many different ways. We create websites from scratch by using our very own Content Management System (CMS), which we have developed over the years. We will create a template through a design process, so that we can ensure our clients that the website will have the exact same look and feeling as their corporate identity or brand. Next to that we also offer our customers the option to create a website for them based on existing Content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla, Magento and many others. Sceafa Studios has a team of very experienced web designers, coders, programmers and developers who all have their own specialism. This means that we can create websites with the use of a wide variety of techniques. From HTML5 to PHP and from AJAX to JAVA-script but also through the use of many other techniques.

We create many different sorts of websites, from really basic informative ones, to very complex web shops with an online connection to stock management systems and POS systems to keep track of the actual stock and offline sales. Sceafa Studios also creates online booking systems for many different types of companies. Every single online solution we create is based on the needs of a unique company, because a system that might work for a tour operator will not work for a car rental company. We truly value the uniqueness of every customer and intend to design and create a website or online solution fitted to the specific needs of each of them. All the websites that Sceafa Studios creates are fully responsive and retina ready. This means that the websites that we create will be fully functional on all platforms and devices.

Next to creating websites we also maintain websites for our customers in order to ensure the fact that their website will keep working how it was intend to function. Another thing we do is overhauling existing websites, even if we did not build them. Some customers invested in a website, but do not have the knowledge to change the looks of a website, our solution to that is that we offer to overhaul these websites and give them the look and feel that fits to what a customer has in mind.

Sceafa Studios is also specialized in listing and ranking our customers websites on the top positions of the first pages in all the major search engines through the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) coding and optimal META-tag coding of our customers websites. Next to the traditional SEO and META ways of ranking their websites high, we also use some other techniques to make sure that our customers websites will be found on specific keywords that fit our customers companies, brands, products and services.

Sceafa Studios also sets up social media channels for our customers that are fully in line with their online campaigns on their websites. By combining the use of social media tools and the traffic that comes with the use of these social media tools and the social media channels, we ensure our customers a more successful online campaign, which in the end will lead to more business through their websites.

Next to the use of social media, Sceafa Studios also focuses on so called online guerrilla marketing campaigns if our customers demand the use of such a campaign to attract more online business.

Sceafa Studios also develops apps for all platforms. For IOS and Android platforms but also for Windows Phones. Most of the Apps we have developed over the years were also focused on combining the use of these apps with the use of the websites which we created for those same customers. Sceafa Studios has a proven track record when it comes to the effectiveness of the apps that we have developed.

Sceafa Studios also offers secure, state of the art, fast and very reliable webhosting and registration of domain names.

If You like to know more about what Sceafa Studios could do for Your company, organization, brands, products or services in the online world of today, please feel free to contact us, so that we can send You more information or a quotation based on your specific needs.


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